Inner quest for me has not been a Eureka moment but something that has evolved over a period of time. My journey began with studying nutrition, which is core to our overall well-being, and then came the integration with emotional wellness and energy medicine. I am fortunate to have been trained by some of the world’s best teachers like Anodea Judith, Brian Weiss and Donna Eden to become an integrative wellness practitioner and have spent the past couple of years learning various modalities. In addition to being a trained clinical hypnotherapist, a body psychotherapist, a BodyTalk practitioner, and a chakra & energy balancing facilitator, I also practice Bach flower remedies for inner harmony.

I spent most part of my working life curating and nurturing a boutique search firm and living happily in my own little cocoon. Yet, there has always been a niggle in my mind making me wonder whether this is what I am truly meant to do & for how long this organization’s success can be the sole barometer of my accomplishments. The universe then manifested this very intention and a series of coincidences have hurtled me down a path of new realizations and profound discovery. In hindsight, it seems like a Higher power was gently guiding me and orchestrating my life purpose. One of my mentors, Mr. Anuroop Tony Singh, whom I deeply love & respect, had asked me to volunteer for a community that he was creating at the time, called TQIW (The quantum institute of well- being). TQIW is a global community of intentional medical practitioners, healers and seekers who wish to work towards integrating natural and ancient medicine practices to address holistic well-being. This platform gave me the opportunity to meet some of the best mentors in the integrated healing space. I began to appreciate the deep connection between our body, mind and soul and understand how we become what our thoughts are and why our gut is referred to as our second brain. It was fascinating to see how these neural connections can be manipulated by alternate therapies to heal and prevent ailments. The more I conversed and spent time with these practitioners, the stronger my conviction grew. I also experimented with a few therapies myself and was delighted to observe that some of my recurring ailments could be impacted by simply calibrating my diet and regulating the flow of energy(prana) within my body. I was also very fortunate to meet Sister BK Shivani and have been deeply impacted by her teachings and philosophy. I learnt the whole concept behind vibrational energy, the power of positive affirmations and the importance of synchronizing our mind, body, and soul to maintain an equanimous state. All these learnings spurred my inner quest to enhance my knowledge about the integrated healing space.

A lot of my work surrounds and focuses on emotional well-being. On an average, our mind creates 60-70000 thoughts in a day and 95 % of these are repetitive thoughts. They work like a large neural pathway and with our repeated thoughts we hardwire these neural networks. While we are looking at new future possibilities, we keep going back to our old patterns of thinking. Our subconscious mind is the storehouse of experiences and unresolved emotions. Practices such as pranayama, meditation and positive affirmations help us get rid of this clutter.
Some of our patterns and belief systems are so deep rooted that they continue to manifest as mental or physical illnesses. Interventions such as hypnotherapy, chakra balancing, and other energy balancing techniques help us access these unresolved emotions and address them.

My immersion in integrative well – being has also encouraged me to curate a dream project “Shematters” which I am co-creating with a very dear friend. The core purpose of ‘Shematters’ is to empower women to take control of their physical & mental well-being by giving them easy access to the best of holistic healing.

We strive to address 3 key issues:

1. Urging women to take their health more seriously- they are a mother and a wife first, yet neglect their own health without realizing how important it is for them to be healthy and happy for the family to live a peaceful life Hence, the mantra is ‘SheMatters because you matter.’

2. Minimize the side effects of modern medicine by e- integrating all natural & alternate forms of treatment- the solutions are curated & designed by marquee names from Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga, Nutrition and Mental wellness experts.

3. Ease and convenience – While being an e-clinic it is an end to end journey from diagnostics to delivery.

My outer self is a reflection of my inner journey. I am learning that things are being done through me. I am not the doer but have been chosen to do certain things. I have also learnt a very beautiful concept that Abundance is truly a mindset and less about material things.


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