What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a revolutionary consciousness – based health care system that focuses on the understanding that the universe and everything in it contains the information of the whole. Everything is dynamically interconnected, so all systems, cells, and subatomic particles within a bodymind are in communication with each other.

BodyTalk is a concept that affirms the belief that all parts of the bodymind are responsible for each other’s synchronous working. It is also the aspect of ourselves that knows how to heal us when injured or sick.
Our beliefs, thoughts & attitudes, when negative, disrupt the synchronicity and communication within the bodymind creating disease and dysfunctionality. Through our consciousness, we create our state of health and our experiences of the world, whether good or bad.

What are the common concerns that BodyTalk addresses?

BodyTalk does not diagnose, but instead uses the body’s innate wisdom to address issues and concerns. A BodyTalk practitioner uses his/her structured intuition to connect with a client’s innate wisdom to restore balance and communication between the two to help affect this change.

How does Body Talk work?

Every aspect of our being – cells, atoms, and neurons are in communication with each other constantly. Each bodily system communicates via energetic circuitry for optimal functioning. Stress can compromise the circuitry systems and create chronic breakdown of communication within the “bodymind complex.”

Practitioners of BodyTalk strive to connect these broken lines and facilitate open communication between all the elements of the body in order to promote healing from within.

The approach to BodyTalk is based on the following principles:

  • The body is capable of healing itself.
  • Stress can impact the overall health of the body.
  • Each bodily system communicates with each other via energetic circuitry.
During the process:

Practitioners pay attention to what the body is doing to decipher information. They “ask” the body questions and get answers by observing how various muscles tense and relax. This very technique is used to identify and prioritize healing needs of the body. Questions are also asked verbally so the practitioner can gather information about a person’s experience in order to tailor the treatment to the person’s specific needs. Upon gathering information about the needs of the body, the practitioner charts and prioritizes several ways to restore balance between the body and mind. Techniques such as tapping of the head, heart and gut are used to signal the body to prepare to heal and restructure.

Tapping focuses on various points throughout the body, including what are known as the “energy circuits.” More efficient and effective healing is believed to result when systems are restored, and energy can flow between them.


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